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Natural Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are used for enhancing, defining and volumising the lips, creating a desirable youthful and plump appearance. We aim to create a very natural look, enhancing the natural shape of your lips.

During the aging process, volume is lost, fine lines can form, and  the corners of the mouth may begin to droop. Many patients present with this issue expressing how this affects their self-confidence unaware of the many natural outcomes lip filler can achieve. 

Lip enhancement injections use dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid (a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies to maintain healthy, youthful skin). Tiny injections in the lip fillers are made to add volume, define the lips’ natural outline (vermilion border) and add contour. We’ll tailor the treatment to meet your individual needs and ensure the best possible results for you.

Different lip looks can be created with different dermal fillers. We can recommend the most appropriate filler to have based on your individual preference. Lip filler doesn’t need to be volumising, it may help restore hydration and collagen that is lost due to ageing as well as correcting asymmetry

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