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Excessive sweating treatment Camden, Macarthur, Narellan


The Grove Cosmetic & Skin Nurse can treat excessive sweating











People with hyperhidrosis may be primary or secondary with primary sufferers being the most common type where the cause is unknown and usually affects the palms, soles, armpits and sometimes the face and scalp. During times of stress and anxiety the condition seems to worsen and is often worse during summer months due to periods of higher temperatures.


Secondary sufferers produce excessive sweating due to an underlying medical condition with possible causes related to menopause, diabetes, an overactive thyroid, medications.

An injectable toxin is placed under the surface of the skin in the underarm area. The product works to block the release of the chemical that causes the release of sweat, essentially stopping you from sweating in the underarms altogether. This treatment is safe and highly effective with results lasting from four to twelve months

The Grove Skin Clinic Registered Nurse is able to discuss in confidence your concerns and any worries you may have and the treatments available. There may be a range of options to treat your skin problems and you will receive advice on the best course of treatment for your unique condition.


At the consultation you will be asked a range of questions to help find the best treatment for you and all treatments will be fully explained and any fears or queries alleviated so you can confidently book the treatments and get results.

Sweating is normal as it’s our body’s way of trying to cool us down when we are too hot. However, excessive underarm sweating is not and can be very uncomfortable and in some cases embarrassing or debilitating to everyday life. This type of excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis. People suffering from hyperhidrosis are often unable to find relief using antiperspirants. After treatment patients are often amazed at how effective the  medical treatment is for excessive sweating:

underarm sweating treatment Camden, Narellan, MacArthur

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Underarm sweating Camden, Narellan, Macarthur
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