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IPL Laser Hair Removal | The Grove Cosmetic & Skin Clinic

Permanent Hair Reduction using the latest technology

Medical Grade IPL Laser Hair removal

Medical Grade IPL Laser is a system that utilises  of light (pulses) to achieve permanent hair reduction (Selective Photothermolysis) and various skin treatments. IPL Laser can be used with various wavelengths which provides more versatility and better results than older Laser technology. When performing hair removal the Pulsed light heats up the hair follicle, permanently destroying the hair root and its ability to regrow.

Energist IPL Laser (used at the Grove IPL Clinic) is a system which combines three advanced technologies, Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF), IPL and Skin Contact Cooling. This combination significantly reduces client discomfort during treatments, reduces the risk associated with standard IPL or old fashioned Laser and enables the treatment of softer and thinner hair than before.

What is Intense Pulsed Light Laser ?


Traditionally most cosmetic procedures have been associated with lasers. As technology has progressed, research has shown that Intense Pulsed Light produces better results than the laser units originally available. Pulsed Light units emit light across a broad range of wavelengths that are preferentially absorbed by the appropriate structure in the skin or hair.

How does IPL Laser work ?


Depending on the treatment being carried out, light emitted from the SHR Laser or E-light Intense Pulsed Light Laser system is preferentially obsorbed by the specific structure of the skin or hair. During hair removal treatment, the melanin in the hair absorbes this light and is heated to a temperature that permanently inhibits the hairs growth. For skin rejuvenation, various structures absorb this light and repair the damage caused by ageing and the sun.

What conditions can be treated by IPL Laser ?

The E-light Laser SHR Intense Pulsed Light Laser system has been designed to provide both safe and effective hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment.


Hair removal: Unwanted hair can be removed from all parts of the body, including legs, chin, upper lip, bikini line, underarm, back and legs.


Skin Rejuvenation: Many skin complaints caused by ageing and sun damage can be successfully treated using the yellow light produced by this system. These include redness, rosacea, age spots, freckles, pigment changes, skin texture and fine lines.

Who can be treated with IPL Laser ?

The versatility of the E-Light Laser, SHR Intense Pulsed Light Laser System provides a safe and effective treatment for most hair types, but a consultation with a highly trained and experienced IPL Laser Therapist at The Grove IPL Clinic will provide you with a complete treatment programme. As the treatment has little or no side-effects, effective procedures can be performed quickly with no downtime.

Treatment Process

After a full consultation with your trained aesthetic nurse, a comprehensive treatment programme can be developed to match your needs and requirements. The area to be treated will be prepared and a clear, light sensitve gel will be applied which helps to focus the light and keep the skin cool. The applicator is then applied to the skin and the selected area is treated by a series of intense bursts of light. With the Advanced E-Light Laser SHR Intense Pulsed Light Laser system large areas such as the legs and back can be treated quickly which is important with todays hectic lifestyles.

Is there anything I need to do prior to, or after treatment of IPL Laser ?

It is advisable to stay out of the sun for at least 6 weeks prior to any treatment to ensure that your skin is as close as possible to its natural colour. You must ensure that all cosmetics are removed from the treatment area with a good cleanser and then allow the skin to settle. As the skin may be slightly more sensitive post treatment it is recommended to use skin products developed for sensitive skin and again avoid the sun. Please ask your skin therapist for advice and recommendations regarding the most suitable products post treatment.

When will I see results?

Depending on the treatment performed and the area treated, results will be noticed after a series of treatments. This is due to the bodies natural hair growth cycles and skin renewal. There is no 'magic wand' that will make everything perfect, but a good skin care regime that is devised in conjunction with your therapist will ensure the optimum results that you desire.

How do I choose the right Clinic?

There can be a significant difference between IPL Laser machines, those in the lower price range often do not have enough energy, frequency or pulse width required to effectively treat the hair and most smaller devices are not suitable for treating the skin. Consequently clients tend to spend more time and money than necessary on repeat visits and can be disappointed with the results. The Grove IPL Clinic uses the very latest Medical Grade system incorporating E-Light Laser and SHR Laser technology. Top-end IPL Laser machines have many operator variables and require skill and knowledge to be used effectiveley. If used by an inexperienced or poorly trained therapist IPL Laser can be ineffective or cause permanent damage to the skin. Ensure you ask your IPL Laser Therapist how long they have trained for and how long they have been performing treatments. At the Grove IPL Clinic we started at the the forefront of IPL Laser treatments in Europe over 15 years ago (having already built a wealth of experience in Skin Treatments and Advanced Electrolysis). We are trained by the most highly regarded Doctors in the field, we are fully qualified, very knowledgeable and experienced and properly registered to perform these treatments.


An IPL Laser Therapist appropriately trained will know and understand what this means. Although IPL works similarly to a laser, instead of just one wavelength of light (monochromatic) IPL is polychromatic, producing a wide spectrum of light. This allows a greater spectrum of skin colour and hair to be treated and is generally faster than ordinary laser treatments. IPL can treat larger skin portions at a time, so areas like the legs and back can be treated in a fraction of the time required with standard lasers.

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